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How The Receptionist does Goals

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How The Receptionist does Goals

Setting goals is something that most (if not all!) companies do. But, at The Receptionist, we approach goals in a unique way. On this episode of the podcast, we’re joined by DeLynn Berry, Director of Engineering and Co-Founder to chat about our approach to goals.

Themes, Rocks, and SMART Goals, Oh My!

When it comes to goals, many people use the SMART guidelines: creating goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based. While we use this method too, we think of goals as bigger and longer-term achievements we’re working towards. 

At The Receptionist, we have quarterly themes, such as Education, and then we choose rocks which are the individual project-based goals that are set. These are all in line with the theme. We look at goals as bigger picture that we’re aiming for down the road (our B-HAGs: Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals), so while we have goals, it’s our themes and rocks we’re focusing on.

Don’t forget to check back in

No matter what you call your goals, as we discuss on this episode, you need to check back in. We have a regular review process, as well as keeping our theme and rocks front and center at our check-ins, meetings, and even in our slack channel.

In addition to checking in regularly about the ongoing process and progress of our rocks (and cheering each other along as we go), we also do bigger picture review and reflection at the end of the quarter. All of this helps to keep us on track (though there might be adjustment along the way), and allows us to learn from our successes and our challenges. 

Goals require focus, effort, teamwork, and reflection, but you should also be excited about what you’re working on and have fun while you get there- we make sure that’s part of any themes, rocks, and goals that we work on. 

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