How Supply Chain Woes Have Affected Sales

Michael Ashford

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How Supply Chain Woes Have Affected Sales

Supply chain problems became a major news story in 2021, but for many businesses, these issues have come and gone in waves throughout the pandemic. Old lessons like “under-promise and under-deliver” took on new meaning as we flexibly responded to a host of new supply challenges. On this episode of the podcast, we talk with some leaders of our sales team to discuss our own experiences with supply chain issues and the lessons we have learned as a result.  

Communicating with Customers

Externally, supply chain issues have forced us to find new ways to build rapport with our customers. Flexibility was key as we learned how to communicate effectively and provide options to our buyers about how to proceed. Our desire to maintain trust with our customers became a constant that we used to navigate the changing supply issues we faced.

Working with Our Team

Supply chain issues also changed the way we related internally. Team members stepped up to fill gaps we didn’t know we had, and we learned to rely on each other in new ways. By focusing on the things we could control, we managed to stay focused as a team and deliver for our customers. 


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