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How Roles Change at a Startup

Michael Ashford

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How Roles Change at a Startup

If you’ve worked at a startup, you’ve likely seen (or experienced) roles changing. On this episode of The Check-In, we’re joined by Sam Penrod, Inside Sales Representative at The Receptionist to talk about how her role has changed since joining the company in December, 2017.

What does an Inside Sales Rep Do?

Sam’s title has always been Inside Sales Representative, but the work she has done under that title has changed quite a bit since joining the company. One of the reasons she was passionate about being hired with us is that our job description indicated that the person who filled the role would help collaboratively shape it. As a long-time entrepreneur, and creative-thinker, Sam was energized by that.

When Sam first began, we thought she’d be focusing on simple sales leads but as she continued to work in the position, we all realized this was only part of where her energy and time was needed. As the company has grown, Sam’s role has evolved, and she hasn’t been afraid to speak up and advocate for what an Inside Sales Rep does at our company needs to be doing. Now, she vets leads, helps set up demos and trials, and assists with handling the transition from lead to customer, providing an introduction to the customer experience team. Like everyone else here, she also makes sure that Radical Support™ is a top priority.

Being Open to Change

At a startup, it’s very likely that roles will evolve, especially if you are the first person hired in a particular position. You, and your company, may not realize exactly what the role needs to be, so we encourage you to be open to being flexible and growing with the role. Sam shares her thoughts on how to best handle these sorts of changes and how her role evolution has worked well for her and The Receptionist.

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