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How Not to Annoy People with Your Sales Pitch

Michael Ashford

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How Not to Annoy People with Your Sales Pitch

Canned sales pitches are no-go here at The Receptionist. On this episode, we’re joined by Tom Foster, Director of Sales, to talk all about how to sell in a way that’s genuine and that definitely won’t annoy people.

How We Approach Sales

When Tom joined the team, he took the time to learn about what we were doing that worked well, and also looked at what we might want to change. One thing he and the team discussed is that we don’t need to be everything to everyone. In fact, we’re okay if The Receptionist doesn’t meet someone’s needs. We’d actually prefer to figure that out sooner rather than later so we’re not misusing people’s time. We make sure we sell in a way that’s in line with our core values.

The sales process can become very canned and frankly, annoying. It shouldn’t be that way. It’s important to make sure you’re talking to a person from a friendly, genuine place, to learn about them and their needs. As Tom says, people hate to be sold, but people love to buy. So it’s important to put away that pushy sales pitch that doesn’t change, and instead, take the time to talk to customers and truly consult on their needs.

Enjoy what you’re doing

Whether you’re calling people as part of your sales process or working with people face-to-face, it’s important to be friendly and have fun. Not only will you enjoy the work more, but the people you work with will feel it too- this is a much better place to sell from than being stressed out or too focused on the sale. When it comes to sales, Tom reminds us, give people the information and let them choose- you don’t need to do anything unnatural.

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