How Coworking Space Wilshire1001 Adapted After Their March 1, 2020 Opening

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How Coworking Space Wilshire1001 Adapted After Their March 1, 2020 Opening

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On this episode of the podcast we’re joined by Mitchell Cote-Sawyer from Wilshire1001, a beautiful co-working and flex office space in downtown Los Angeles. The space opened on March 1, 2020, just about two weeks before the lockdown due to COVID-19 which seems like terrible timing for any business, but especially for a coworking space…

Thankfully, Wilshire 1001 was deemed an essential business with their virtual mail delivery and in-house construction crew and Mitchell shares what it’s been like to open and run a new business during this time. 

The Need for a Personal Assistant 

Since opening, Mitchell has often been the only employee on site, so he wears a lot of hats, including Director of Marketing, barista, event planner, and front desk staff. So when he tried out The Receptionist, he was thrilled! The software has become his own personal assistant, allowing him to leave the front desk as needed and notifying him via text when someone arrives. They also utilize our contactless check-in feature and Mitchell shares how the visitors are liking it.

Staying Positive in a Time of Unpredictability

One thing we love about Mitchell is how positive he is and the fun we had on the show makes it clear he loves what he does at Wilshire1001. Mitchell shares his tips for serving your clients well during this unpredictable time, and the importance of remaining positive.

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