Hiring for Culture Fit with Scalability Solutions

Michael Ashford

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Hiring for Culture Fit with Scalability Solutions

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Hiring is a topic we take seriously (though we have fun with it)! It’s always been important to Founder, CEO, and President Andy Alsop that we take the time to hire the right people who fit in with our culture and values. On this episode of the podcast we’re joined by Leila Blauner, Founder and Team Growth Strategist at Scalability Solutions, who has been an integral part of our hiring process in the last few years. 

Understanding Our Needs

When we started working with Leila, she took the time to really understand our company, our culture and values, and our hiring needs. From there she has been able to deeply vet and screen our potential hires. She’s a self-proclaimed “data geek” who has found that there is an extremely strong correlation between great online answers and great hires so she has helped us create initial screening questions that give us great insight into if that candidate will be a fit at The Receptionist. Leila loves how she gets a feeling of excitement when she knows she’s found the right candidate.

Knowing how important culture fit is to us, Leila shares about how we learn more about our candidates and hire the right people for the right positions. And, as The Receptionist is growing, she gives insight into how the process has evolved as we scale. 

Hiring or Seeking?

For anyone going through a hiring process (especially at The Receptionist), this episode gives great insight into our process and what it takes to stand out. For those looking to refine how they hire, Leila’s expertise and information is applicable across industries. For us, teaming up with Scalability Solutions has improved our hiring process and led to many great hires with many more to come!

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