A “Get-Real” Look at Company Culture with Harry Campbell

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A “Get-Real” Look at Company Culture with Harry Campbell

Get-Real Culture

In 2011, Harry’s wife was diagnosed with a brain tumor and he wanted to support her and her cause. He also wanted to help people become better leaders and improve culture. From that passion and drive came two books: Get-Real Leadership and Get-Real Culture; he’s raised over $400,000 for this cause with his books and speaking (and he’s not stopping!).

Culture Starts and Ends with People

Harry has two premises: 1) A company cannot win in the medium to long-term without a strong culture, and 2) Culture is all about people. On the episode, Harry discusses how companies can develop their culture, including the importance of treating people like adults, providing people the tools they need to do the job, and helping people feel like they’re connected to something bigger than their job. Harry shares practical tips for developing company culture, no matter what size or phase your business is in.

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