From Shareholder Supremacy to Employee Supremacy

Michael Ashford

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From Shareholder Supremacy to Employee Supremacy

We like being bold. It’s one of our core values, if you didn’t know. And on this episode of the podcast, our President, Founder, and CEO Andy Alsop is back to follow up with a conversation we started a few episodes back where we talked about our bold Just Cause. In this episode, he talks about another idea that isn’t mainstream…yet.

A Change in How Decisions Are Made

Without a doubt, we want to be a profitable company. But we don’t want to follow the traditional idea of making decisions that are in service of the people at the top. Though we don’t have actual shareholders (we’re bootstrapped) the idea of shareholder supremacy is one that we can’t get behind. 

Instead, we look at the idea of employee supremacy and how we can make decisions within the team that allow our employees to feel valued, have autonomy, and be excited about their roles and the work they do. We see this as a formula to creating more value within the company.

Yes, We Want to Be Profitable

It’s important to us that the message doesn’t get lost that we plan to grow and continue to be a profitable company. What we hope to show is that there is another way besides the idea of shareholder supremacy. Not only can employee supremacy lead to success by typical business standards, but the approach also allows for happy, fulfilled employees who are serving our customers extremely well. We hope this is the start of a movement.

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