Creating a Career Growth Path for Sales Reps

Michael Ashford

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Creating a Career Growth Path for Sales Reps

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We’ve got Tom Foster, Director of Sales, back on the podcast sharing all about the growth that the sales department has seen (and will see in 2020 and 2021). He shares his philosophy as a leader and how he approaches growth with the sales team members, both professionally and personally.

Growth of roles and people

With the sales department growing, that means that we’re bringing on more team members. But, what we’ve learned is that the roles themselves are growing and changing along with the people who are in them. Tom discusses the natural growth that we’ve seen within the sales roles that exist and why allowing this natural growth is so important. 

Professional and Personal Growth

At The Receptionist, we’re not just focused on growth of the team or the company- we are focused on our people. It’s important to us that our team members are a good fit for their role, that they feel they have room to grow, and that we all remember that the work is what we do, it’s not who we are. Tom shares how we make sure that we take care of ourselves personally and professionally, as well as shares his thoughts for listeners when it comes to growth in and out of business.

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