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Company Culture and Dealing with PND Syndrome

Michael Ashford

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Company Culture and Dealing with PND Syndrome

On this episode of The Check-In, we’ve got President and CEO Andy Alsop back talking about our company culture and values. We also chat about PND Syndrome- if you don’t know what that is, you’ll definitely want to make sure your office isn’t suffering from it!

The Receptionist’s Values

As a company, Andy and our team have spent quite a bit of time figuring out our values. We hit a turning point when Andy began to use the EOS and Traction system to clarify what’s important to us. Over time, and organically, the company’s core values became clearly defined and worked themselves into the word: FABRIC. Fun, Authentic, Bold, Innovative, and Collaborative. These are words that the guide our company and are what we live by every day.

One thing that’s not a part of The Receptionist’s Culture: PND Syndrome

PND Syndrome. Have you heard of it? This stands for Person Nearest the Door Syndrome and is a destroyer of productivity if it’s happening at your company. You know that this is happening when you go to your own front desk and can’t find anyone available to help, or if you sit nearest to the front door and you’re constantly interrupted in order to help visitors find the people that they need.

Not only is this a bad experience for the individual who works closest to the front, but this doesn’t give a strong first impression of your company. Using our visitor management software is ideal for a company that doesn’t have dedicated front-desk support, but also works in a complementary way when an office does have a person at the front desk. Now you don’t have PND when the front desk person walks away or is on a break!

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