Bring Employee Supremacy to Your Company

Michael Ashford

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Bring Employee Supremacy to Your Company

On today’s episode, we’re joined by our CEO, Andy Alsop, to wrap up our five part series on employee supremacy. Over these five episodes, we’ve made the case for why employee supremacy ought to replace shareholder supremacy at your company. Today, we’re encouraging you to join in and see if employee supremacy is right for you.

Having a Bold Just Cause

We didn’t wake up one morning and decide to switch over to employee supremacy. This mindset is the result of a long process of internal reflection about our bold just cause. Once we were in agreement on our core values, it was clear that employee supremacy was the right path for us. If you’re interested in employee supremacy, we recommend starting the conversation around the core values that will guide your company.

It Starts With People

Employee supremacy is not a complicated concept. You don’t need an MBA to follow along. It starts with people. From your leadership team on down, employee supremacy reorients your operations around the values and priorities of your team. The mindset of employee supremacy starts with people. 

Starting With The End In Mind

Over these five podcast episodes, we have reflected on what this transition has been like for us. As we realized that shareholder supremacy was not the right approach for us, we rebuilt our company from the ground up to put our employees first. Whether you’re a new entrepreneur or a seasoned veteran, we encourage you to start with the end in mind. What kind of company do you want to build? What kind of people do you want to attract? Do you think shareholder supremacy or employee supremacy is the best way to get there? 


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