Big Announcement: We are The FABRIC Podcast!

Michael Ashford

The FABRIC - a podcast from The Receptionist
Big Announcement: We are The FABRIC Podcast!

It’s possible you’ve noticed that in just about every episode of our podcast, our culture of FABRIC comes up. FABRIC stands for fun, authentic, bold, respectful, innovative, and collaborative; it’s how we work as a company and how we do business with our clients.

The Check-In Podcast was more about what we do: check people in. The FABRIC podcast will be about who we are, and we’re excited to share more of that with you. On this episode, we’re joined by Michael Ashford Director of Marketing as he shares about how we came to the decision for this change, what to expect, and some tips for listeners who might be considering a direction change in their marketing plans.

What You Can Expect from the “New” Show

We’ll continue to share more behind-the-scenes info about what goes on at The Receptionist, but our company culture and values will be even more central than before; we’ll aim to uncover how culture scales as the company grows. 

We’ll also continue to have guests on the show, but we want to focus on their company culture because we can always learn from what other companies are doing. (Know anyone who should be on the show? You don’t have to be our customer to be on the podcast). Not only will we dig into company culture for our team and others, but we will now be doing video of these episodes!! That means you can see who we actually are and enjoy these podcasts in a whole new way. These episodes will be one part of our video channel where we will continue to show you more of what happens at The Receptionist.

Caring and Company Growth Can Happen Together

We fully believe that a company can grow and continue to care about its people: the employees and the customers. The FABRIC Podcast will share what we’re up to as we live up to this idea and will take a closer look at company culture- we hope you’re excited because we are!

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