Being Bold: Creating Humanized Connections Through Marketing

Michael Ashford

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Being Bold: Creating Humanized Connections Through Marketing

We love hearing about other companies that share our values and on this episode of the podcast we’re joined by Luke Schoenbeck, VP of Marketing for Mark VII Equipment. What does Mark VII do? They manufacture car wash equipment and chances are, if you’ve been to a gas station car wash or a self-serve spray station, you’ve been near Mark VII equipment!

Breaking Away from Tradition

Some people would say that car wash equipment manufacturing isn’t the most exciting of arenas, and because of that, the marketing in this traditional space has been, well, traditional. Over the last two years, Luke has helped Mark VII move away from these expected types of marketing like magazines and postcards and try new, interesting, and innovative ways of marketing their company and services.  

Creating Humanized Connections

Luke discusses how much of his approach to marketing comes down to creating humanized connections. Whether it’s sharing stories about the Mark VII employees or their clients, creating collateral that talks directly to the person, or finding ways to support their customers during the pandemic with a virtual trade show and webinars, Mark VII is always looking to be more human and have that connection with others.

When it comes to marketing, Luke has helped the company be more bold with what they try and their focus on digital marketing has really paid off. But, no matter what channel or approach they take, it all comes back to creating humanized connections. 

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