Adjusting to Meet Customer Needs

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Adjusting to Meet Customer Needs

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On this episode of the FABRIC Podcast, we’re joined by DeLynn Berry, Director of Engineering, and Co-Founder of The Receptionist, along with our newest hire, Scott Julian, Senior IOS Engineer. The two share about how we adjust to meet our customer needs and they discuss our process for handling customer requests.

Addressing Customer Needs is Collaborative

When requests come in for features or we hear about various needs, we take a collaborative approach (Collaboration is the “C” in FABRIC, after all!). The engineering team collaborates internally, as well as with our bigger team in the company. They also talk directly with the customers to find out more about what they need and want. Though we may not always adjust to meet every need, we’ll be sure to provide Radical Support no matter what.

Customer Needs in the time of COVID-19

As we learned about COVID-19 earlier this year, it became clear we’d need to make some adjustments, and likely a bit more quickly than our usual timeline. For example, we worked on a contactless check-in system where individuals utilize their phones to initiate the check-in process. Scott and DeLynn’s collaboration allowed them to not only get this feature up and running, but they were able to make this an even better process for users and one that still looks good for the companies who utilize The Receptionist. They also spilled the beans that they have some additional features in the works that they’re excited to talk about down the road.

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