Addressing Hiring Biases

Michael Ashford

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Addressing Hiring Biases

Confronting biases is tricky work, but it can be very rewarding and illuminating. 

Today we are looking at what we bring to the table and how that might distract us from what really matters. On this episode of the podcast, we are joined by Michael Yinger, COO of Resume Sieve, an AI-powered platform that helps organizations find strong candidates.

How Biases Show Up

Simply put, biases manifest whenever we take our eyes off of the skills workers bring with them. Factors like a candidate’s name, address, and education are some potential sources of distraction. Other aspects of a resume, like gaps between experience or the appearance of job-hopping, can also trigger unconscious responses during the hiring process.

What You Can Do

The main goals of the hiring process are to find the best candidate for the job and to create a good experience for those applying for the position. The simplest way to stay on track is to focus everything on skills. Ask yourself what skills this person brings to the job, how long they have been present, and how recently they have been utilized. Companies that engage this kind of work in an ongoing manner see benefits that directly impact their bottom line. 

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