PMI BioPharma reduces check-in time by more than half with The Receptionist for iPad

The staff at PMI BioPharma Solutions in Nashville, Tenn., is no stranger to using visitor check-in technology to manage the company’s many daily visitors. 

A researcher and manufacturer of pharmaceutical products, PMI BioPharma started using visitor management software in 2016 to check in visitors and clients. However, in early 2019, that software was out of date and no longer helpful.

So the PMI BioPharma team set out to find a more modern and easier-to-use software to handle its visitor management needs, particularly from a security standpoint.

“We have a lot of visitors and clients coming in each day, and it took a lot of our receptionist’s time to check them all in — it was a lengthy process,” said Chad Barnett, Director of Product Development at PMI BioPharma. “We needed a way to effectively and efficiently manage visitors on site due to the nature of our confidential and regulated business.”

Receptionist for iPad features and support shine through

After researching and testing multiple digital check-in solutions, Barnett and the team decided to implement The Receptionist for iPad.

Among the reasons Barnett said they chose The Receptionist for iPad:

  • The ability for staff to pre-register guests ahead of their visit and allow visitors to check-in using a QR code on their phone to speed up the process
  • The ability to take a photo of each visitor for increased security
  • The instant notifications staff receive of a guest’s arrival
  • The ease of administering the system and the fact that all features were included at every price point
  • The support experience

“The support with The Receptionist is really great,” Barnett said. “I contacted support for every company I evaluated, and [The Receptionist] answered the quickest and provided answers faster than everyone else.”

Taking visitor check-ins digital saved time

With the old system, the visitor check-in process used to take anywhere from 2 to 6 minutes depending on visitor type and who they were there to see, and PMI BioPharma’s human front desk receptionist had to be involved throughout the entire process.

Now, Barnett notes that it takes a visitor an average of 1 minute to check-in, with no extra staff assistance needed. That means that their receptionist can work on other tasks and projects while guests get checked in more efficiently. 

“The Receptionist has been excellent for us. The system is super easy to use, it’s streamlined, and it works quickly,” Barnett said. “It allows us to quickly initiate the check-in process and be able to move on. Everyone that’s used it has liked how easy it is to use it.”

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