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Med Rx Partners advances access to mental health medication management with innovative, efficient, private check-in solution

Piper Buersmeyer envisions a day where there is no shame for people who need and seek out mental healthcare services.

So when Buersmeyer and her business partners launched Med Rx Partners, a clinic providing rapid access to medication management services for mental health care, they set out to create a space where patients could get the assistance they needed in a private and inviting environment.

Buersmeyer previously managed her own, single-person, private mental health practice, where she never had to worry about checking in patients or making sure that her patients knew she was there. But after opening Med Rx Partners in Vancouver, Wash., her perspective of the patient check-in process shifted.

“If patients came into my private clinic, they knew they’d get me. I was the only one,” Buersmeyer said. “When we started Med Rx Partners, we kept asking ‘What could we do for patients to be able to have a way to check in that was easy, efficient and private?’” I didn’t want patients to have to stand in line and say their name out loud for everyone to hear.”

The search for a configurable and easy digital check-in solution

Buersmeyer and the Med Rx team began thinking about what that solution might look like, and three main components came to mind:

  • The system would allow each provider within the shared office space — 7 medication management offices in all — to personalize the types of visitor notifications they would receive when a patient checked in.
  • The system would be easy and simple for patients to use, offering them a discreet way to let their provider know they had arrived.
  • The system would be easy to administer and configure, so much so that it would match the branding and feel of the Med Rx Partner space.

A chance visit to a colleague’s office in the Vancouver area introduced Buersmeyer to a digital visitor check-in system that met each item on her wish list — The Receptionist for iPad.

“We had a meeting with another local therapist that we work closely with, and she used [The Receptionist for iPad]. I asked her about it and how it worked, and I thought it was stupendous,” Buersmeyer said. “I knew that I wanted a system like this, I just didn’t know it existed.”

After doing her due diligence and checking out a few other visitor management system options, Buersmeyer and the team decided to implement The Receptionist for iPad at Med Rx Partners.

‘A great patient experience’

Now, they use the system in tandem with a human receptionist. While the live person answers phones, sets up new clients, handles billing, and other tasks that require a human touch, The Receptionist for iPad gets patients to their interaction with their provider faster by handling check-ins and notifications.

“Our aim is to be innovative, efficient, and effective. We want to provide access to mental health services like never before,” Buersmeyer said. “The Receptionist for iPad increases our workflow and access to patients exponentially. It’s a great patient experience, and I don’t think practices realize how efficient something like this can make their office.”

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