Maintaining visitor confidentiality at check-in is key for Calgary-based company, Incito

For many businesses, ensuring customer and client privacy is an enormous priority.

However, one area that often gets neglected when it comes to protecting sensitive information is the front desk.

Paper visitor log books. Customers that have to announce their arrival in front of other guests. Interrupted meetings to find employees that have a visitor waiting.

For Jenn Lofgren, Founder of Incito, a Calgary, Alberta, Canada-based leadership and executive development firm, even the idea of dedicating a full-time staff member to the front desk wasn’t the discreet and private experience she wanted to provide their clients.

“Due to the highly confidential nature of the work that we perform, often our clients don’t want to talk to someone when they first arrive at our office,” Lofgren said. “But beyond that, an actual person receptionist can’t let us know that a client has arrived, because we’ll be in a client meeting, or on a client coaching call, and they won’t be able to inform us that our next appointment has arrived, because that would cause them to interrupt a private meeting.”

So when Lofgren moved her company into brand new office space after previously working out of a shared office, she wanted to solve for this issue. While she intended to use their Business Manager to run other aspects of keeping the office efficient and flowing, she turned to technology to create an ideal front desk experience.

“I had used The Receptionist in the coworking space that I was in before … and I fell in love with the idea and the technology back then,” Lofgren said. “When we moved offices, I researched a bunch of other systems, and [The Receptionist], by far, had the best product.”

Lofgren uses The Receptionist for iPad’s custom buttons and workflows to route different visitors that come in to her office to the appropriate team member, including creating a separate check-in flow for deliveries apart from clients coming in for meetings.

With check-in notifications immediately sent directly to team members, Lofgren and her team no longer have to deal with interruptions during meetings, and clients are assured that their arrival won’t go unnoticed, but that it remains low-key as well.

“This is much more discreet. We get notified that our client has arrived, and because we’re not interrupted, it allows me to manage my time and maintain confidentiality,” Lofgren said. “Clients come in, the check in on the iPad, get some coffee, tea, or water, and make themselves comfortable until we’re ready to be with them.

“At the end of the day, it just helps us look exceptionally professional. The Receptionist helps us focus our resources and time on providing great service to our clients.”

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