Interruptions vanish for wellness practice thanks to visitor management system

Interruptions are a major source of lost productivity for many businesses.

According to, the average employee is interrupted from their work 56 times a day and spends a total of 2 hours recovering from those interruptions.

At the Corca Center for Sleep and Radiant Health in Boulder, Colo., Founder Dr. Damiana Corca was all too familiar with the reality of these statistics.

In an industry where keeping sharp appointments and crisp schedules are the lifeblood of a successful practice, it was a regular occurrence that Dr. Corca and her staff would lose crucial minutes in the day because of interruptions at the front door.

“It would be a few minutes before an appointment was to begin and our practitioners would be waiting for a patient, and we’d hear the door ding when someone came in,” Dr. Corca explained. “We would go to check the door to see if our patient had arrived, and sometimes, if four or five people showed up right in a row and it wasn’t our patient, we’d be checking and checking the door over and over again.”

In early 2019, Dr. Corca decided she and her staff needed a solution to their interruption problem, and placing a receptionist at the front desk was not a financially viable option.

So Dr. Corca researched online and found The Receptionist for iPad. With the software’s clean user interface and the ability to notify staff of a patient’s arrival via text message, Dr. Corca decided to implement the system at the Corca Center’s front desk.

Now, when a patient arrives, they check-in at the iPad kiosk that features photos of each of the Center’s nine practitioners, and staff no longer have to leave what their doing to check to see if their next appointment has arrived.

“We are all so very happy to get the text messages when our patient has arrived and checked in, because it saves us so much time,” Dr. Corca said. “It’s very easy to use — very convenient, very helpful. It makes patients feel like they’re taken care of and that they can relax instead of wondering.”

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