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How Therapists Are Using The Receptionist for iPad in Their Practices

At The Receptionist, we understand that every interaction within your private practice influences your client’s overall experience with you, including the moment they walk through the door to check in. As a therapist, you take great care to invest in and support your clients both in and out of sessions. And we think your check-in system should do the same! 

We’ve asked our behavioral health clients about The Receptionist features they’re using that are specific to running a private practice. Check them out below to see how The Receptionist for iPad can add that same value to your practice. 

How is a behavioral health-focused client check-in system different from your average check-in software?

Let’s be honest – you have a lot of options when it comes to picking a client check-in software. But, not all systems are created equal. Especially when it comes to catering to you, your practice, and your clients. 

Before we dive into The Receptionist features that behavioral health professionals are using for their practice, we’ll give a quick overview of the benefits of using a client check-in system made with therapists in mind. 

  • Patient Privacy: A check-in system tailored to private practices allows clients to check in without needing to integrate with or upload contacts from an EHR. Clients can sign in using only their first name or initials. 
  • Highly Personalized: The ability to upload logos and branding throughout the check-in workflow adds a touch of personalization in an industry where interpersonal connection is a guiding principle. And in addition to logos and branding, practitioner’s headshots can be uploaded so clients can see and select their specific provider when checking in. 
  • Simplicity: Private practices don’t need all the bells and whistles that come with many other solutions. A check-in system built for behavioral health professionals offers a simple yet sophisticated option for managing the waiting area. 

Now, let’s get to the specifics. Continue reading for The Receptionist for iPad features that private practices are using that cater to the needs of their practitioners and clients. 

The Receptionist Features Being Used By Private Practices

We’ve talked about how a client check-in system built for behavioral health professionals differs from one that doesn’t. Below are the actual features that private practices are using within The Receptionist for iPad that support their unique needs:

Client Visit Log: Download the visit log to track proof of visits for insurance verification.

Read more about exporting Visit Logs

Notes: From within the Visit Log, you are able to add a Note to any individual visit. This is useful if you need a reminder to update credit card information, for example. 

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Multiple Choice Fields: Ask custom questions by adding a Multiple Choice Field to the check-in workflow. This can be used to ask clients to confirm correct insurance, address changes, etc. 

Read more about Multiple Choice Fields

Custom Fields at Checkout: Some practitioners are asking their clients to check out with The Receptionist once their session is over. By doing so, practices can conduct a Client Survey to gauge long-term care results.

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SMS Notifications: Set up SMS notifications so that when the client completes a check-in, their specific provider receives a text notification of their arrival.

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Contact Photos: Many of our behavioral health customers say that their clients like seeing therapists’ pictures in the contact list. It makes checking in easier than selecting from a simple list of names, not to mention adding a personal feel to your client’s experience.

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Home Screen Configuration: The Receptionist has a highly customizable home screen that allows practices to add their logo, text, brand colors, and more. 

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Ready to learn more? Let us support you while you’re supporting your clients with a check-in system created with private practices in mind. Start a 14-day free trial or book a demo with our team. 

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