Front desk visitor management system helps Canteen One better serve its clientele

At many companies, new ideas for products, feature add-ons, and services come from their sales team members, who frequently have the most direct contact with the market they serve.

At Canteen One, a vending and food service management company, it was a sales representative who brought back an idea for an internal change to improve how the company receives visitors.

“One of our representatives spent a lot of time visiting other businesses and companies,” said Customer Experience Manager Claude Duran, “and he told us about this solution, this technology that companies were using at the front desk to check people in. Since we don’t get very many visitors, we made the decision to check it out and see if it might work for us.”

Radical Support® experience creates an instant fan

Duran began searching online, and the first website he visited was

As he scanned through the information, he also began using the chat feature on the site to ask questions of The Receptionist team. Based on those interactions, Duran immediately made a decision to implement The Receptionist for iPad visitor management system.

“The fact that I had customer service reps answering my questions and sending me funny GIFs in the chat discussion was really great,” Duran said. “It seemed like a company that knew what they were doing, but could make it personal as well. It’s a lot how our organization operates, so I appreciated that.”

And as it turns out, the positive customer service experience with The Receptionist allowed Duran to improve Canteen One’s own customer experience. By implementing The Receptionist for iPad to handle visitors and deliveries at the front desk, Duran moved the company’s front desk attendant into a customer service role to better serve its own clientele. 

“The Receptionist made it easier for us to manage the type of traffic we get each day,” Duran said. “At the end of the day, customers and visitors that come in have an easy time with the system, and I would tell anyone thinking about using The Receptionist to absolutely do it.”

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