Food manufacturer Nut Butter Concepts controls check-in chaos with digital visitor management system

The front office of a food manufacturing plant can be incredibly hectic, as vendors, contractors, deliveries, employees, and other guests come and go at all times.

Keeping track of everything and understanding who is going where — all while maintaining privacy and security to comply with industry standards like the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) — can be made exponentially harder with inefficient processes.

Prior to March 2017, California-based food manufacturer Nut Butter Concepts, LLC, was trying to manage its front office check-ins using a paper sign-in sheet at the front desk. But management began to raise concerns that visitors were able to see other guests’ names and information, as much of that information was private and proprietary to the vendors and contractors with which Nut Butter Concepts worked.

Some initial thought was given to having each guest sign-in on an individual sheet of paper, until Project Coordinator Danielle Thompson suggested going in a different direction.

“I asked our management if I could look into digital programs instead, “Thompson said. “I knew there were solutions out there, so I asked, and I got the approval to look into it.”

As Thompson began her search for a digital visitor management system, she combed through review websites and read articles on the top check-in applications available, and the name she consistently found at the top of the list was The Receptionist for iPad.

So she started a 14-day free trial, and immediately started to see the value in the system, especially as she began interacting with The Receptionist’s customer support team.

“The search results helped me to find The Receptionist, and then the website was really easy to navigate, and then the customer service was wonderful right from the start,” Thompson said. “That was so helpful for me, because when you’re running a front office, it can be chaotic. Having that level of help and support was fantastic.”

Thompson and the Nut Butter Concepts team implemented The Receptionist for iPad as its visitor management system, and now, what was once a manual, paper-driven, and insecure problem has become a streamlined, efficient, and discreet advantage.

Thompson even started using The Receptionist’s Employee Check In/Out functionality within days of the feature being released to all customers to take her front office management a step further. Thompson said the continuously updated feature set, the pricing, and the customer support has added to the resounding success the Nut Butter Concepts team has experienced with The Receptionist for iPad.

“My experience has been stellar,” she said. “I’ve never worked with an app or even any management system that provides the amount of support and logistics in helping you solve a problem as I’ve experienced with The Receptionist.”

Do you want to see how The Receptionist can help your organization? Watch this short demo video, or, start your free 14-day trial today.

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