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Community Health Solutions of America, Inc. (CHS) is an expert at providing comprehensive care coordination solutions. This includes holistic care management for members, providers, and hospitals. In addition to CHS, the Premier Family of Companies also includes Premier Administrative Solutions (PAS), which performs third-party administration (TPA) services for insurance companies. Because they provide both healthcare and TPA services — like processing PHI, healthcare plans, healthcare and insurance claims, enrolling customers, and helping customers update their policy – CHS and PAS must adhere to strict standards to ensure privacy and data security. This includes managing their visitors. “There are strict requirements before an insurance company would even consider outsourcing to a TPA,” says Doug Foote, CHS’s Chief Operating Officer. “Several requirements involve physical security and access for humans. What’s typically required is the ability to receive, process, identify, and log visitors.” When Foote joined the company, they didn’t have a formal visitor management system in place. Instead, visitors would press a button in the lobby and an IT employee would greet them and escort them to their host. The process was not only heavy on IT resources, it was also incredibly distracting for the team. “It wasn’t optimal,” Foote says. So, he went looking for a better solution. He reached out to a colleague at a management firm where he had seen The Receptionist for iPad to learn more about how they automated their visitor management process. Based on Kelly’s recommendation, Foote decided to install The Receptionist for iPad at two of the buildings on their corporate campus. “We already had iPads, so we only had to acquire stands,” he says. “It’s secured to the floor, and the badge printer sits on a shelf below it.” Now, with a visitor log and badges, PAS can confidently pass an audit by an insurance company. If necessary, they can pull up the list of visitors they’ve received and show how they use The Receptionist for iPad to collect that information and keep it safe. “Not only does it save us labor, but it provides an easy technical solution that’s above the traditional sign-in book,” he says.

“It’s a no-brainer. I would absolutely recommend The Receptionist for iPad.”

Foote notes that he particularly likes receiving a text notification rather than a phone call when a visitor arrives — a benefit that’s especially helpful when he’s in a meeting. He also customized both of The Receptionists for iPad to greet visitors with an audio message that reads “Welcome to the Premier Family of Companies.” Finally, Foote gives kudos to The Receptionist’s Radical Support team. “It’s clear that somebody set a high customer experience expectation within the company,” he says. “I appreciate the proactivity, responsiveness, and positive attitudes.” We appreciate the kind words and are delighted that we can support the Premier Family of Companies in providing patient-focused care coordination. To see how The Receptionist for iPad can help your company, start your free trial today.

About Community Health Solutions (CHS) of America

CHS was founded in 2003 with a commitment to provide a comprehensive patient focused care coordination solution to medically complex adult and pediatric communities across the country. CHS takes a unique approach in accomplishing this goal by combining comprehensive industry best practices and innovative technologies to create a single, all-inclusive care coordination solution.

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