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It’s a tall order to design, manufacture, and assemble electronic and electromechanical products that absolutely cannot fail — but that’s exactly what K-TECHnologies has been doing since 1997. Located in Buffalo, NY, K-TECHnologies offers electronic manufacturing services for the military, transit, space, industrial, and medical industries. They also help companies move efficiently through the complex new product introduction process. Companies like K-TECHnologies that deal in defense-related articles and services must be International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) compliant. Part of that compliance is knowing who’s in your facility, including their citizenship. That’s why CJ Schmitz, K-TECHnologies’ IT Director, went looking for a way to track visitors into and out of their 54,000 ft2 facility. “We didn’t think we needed a full-time person, so we looked for something automated,” says Schmitz. “That’s when I stumbled across The Receptionist for iPad.” He explored other options for automated visitor management but chose The Receptionist for iPad for its ITAR compliance features. “The U.S. citizenship feature was a big win for us,” says Schmitz. As part of their compliance efforts, K-TECHnologies has always given out visitor badges. Now, with The Receptions for iPad, those badges are printed automatically when visitors check in, showing their name and who they’re visiting. Plus, K-TECHnologies now has a digital visitor log that they can access on demand, from anywhere. In addition to the text notifications, which employees like “because they can interact with the visitor if they can’t get to the reception area right away,” K-TECHnologies has also enabled message forwarding in case the original host can’t respond right away or is out of the office. They also use the returning visitor feature, which makes it easy for visitors to check in without entering all their information again. “It’s nice they just have to enter their email,” says Schmitz.   How do visitors respond? So far, the responses have been positive…and also curious. “Every visitor asks, ‘What is it?’ and ‘Where’d you get it?’” says Schmitz. (Hint: They got it here.) We love helping companies like K-TECHnologies’ make their visitor management process simple and efficient while providing the compliance solutions they need. Are you ready to see how The Receptionist for iPad can work for your business? Start your free 14-day trial today.

About K-TECHnologies

K-TECHnologies is a High Performance contract manufacturer for High Reliability applications. In other words, K-TECHnologies produces products that don’t fail for uses where they must work — without question. K-TECHnologies provides contract design, development, and manufacturing services for electronic and electromechanical assemblies. In addition, K-TECHnologies is qualified to meet the High Reliability requirements of military and NASA standards as well as regulatory requirements for medical and specialized industrial equipment used in critical environments.

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