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Looking for something fun to do for your next office get-together or birthday party? How about axe-throwing?

Never heard of it? Neither had Zack Pennington and the team at Flying Axes until they tried it during a trip to Canada, where the sport is all the rage (ya gotta do something during the NHL offseason, eh?). They had so much fun that they decided to open their own axe-throwing business in Louisville, KY. “It’s an alternative to bowling, golfing, and pool,” says Pennington. “It’s really addictive because it’s not super easy, but it’s easy enough where anyone can learn it.”

What exactly does an evening of axe-throwing look like? Like any game, there are rules: two players compete at a time, each gets five throws per game, and you play best out of three games. To score points, the axe has to stick. If it sounds strange, don’t worry — the Flying Axes crew is there to help you figure it all out. “Unlike bowling, where you get a ball and shoes and they send you on your way, we assign you a coach,” says Pennington. Every group learns how to properly throw, how to stay safe, and how to score games.

Currently, Flying Axes accepts bookings for groups as small as two and as large as 50. “It’s more fun with more people, but we can also accommodate an intimate date night,” Pennington says.

But before players can perfect their axe-throwing skills, they must sign a waiver, a process Pennington describes as “the least fun part of axe-throwing.” He’s a firm believer in using technology to make things easier, so he went looking for a tool that would speed up the waiver-signing process and not use so much paper. “I didn’t want it to be time-consuming or annoying in any way. I also wanted to eliminate the need to enter data manually,” he says.

Pennington’s search led him to The Receptionist for iPad. Now, when players arrive, they check-in on an iPad at the front desk by tapping the screen and entering their name, email, and zip code. Then they sign the waiver digitally. “The whole process is super friendly and easy,” says Pennington. “People are used to iPads, so we aren’t at the beginning of a learning curve.”

Beyond automating the check-in and waiver-signing process, The Receptionist for iPad serves as a marketing tool. “We’ve collected a couple hundred emails through the waiver system and use the export feature to download them,” says Pennington. “Part of the waiver is that customers agree to receive emails from us. Of course, they can always opt out, but we’ve found it’s a great way to turn visitors into repeat customers.”

What this all means is that Pennington and his co-founders have more time to do other things. “The Receptionist for iPad is really simple to use. As a busy business owner, the fewer things you have to think about on a daily basis, the more time you have to do things that are valuable. Checking in customers and getting waivers signed is one less thing I have to worry about. That’s what I like most about the system.”

What we like most is working with unique companies like Flying Axes. So, the next time you’re in Louisville, be sure to stop by, grab a beer, and try your hand at the wild and wonderful sport of axe-throwing.

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About Flying Axes

Flying Axes’ mission is to harness the fun, excitement, and community associated with the art of axe throwing.

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