Feature Update: Visit Summary Emails, Photo Capture Updates, and New Printer Options

When was the last time you updated The Receptionist app on your iPad? We’re giving you a really good reason to do just that this week. Nothing works until you update your app so do that first. The Receptionist places a high priority on communication so we were thinking, maybe you do too. Today we’re releasing a few new features based on a more complete communication cycle between you and your visitors.

Visit summary emails

The Receptionist greeted your visitor upon arrival at your office and now we can help you complete the circle with an email detailing their check in. Visit summary emails offer an automated ‘thank you’ from you to your visitor that includes everything they entered on your iPad as well as a link to the legal agreement they signed during that check in.  See more about this feature here.

Increase security of your visitor photos

You could always capture visitor photos using your Receptionist for iPad. We just made it possible for you to ensure an additional layer of security, and again, communication. We moved photo-taking from an advanced feature on your button settings to a field. This allows you to drop photo-taking into your visitor check-in process exactly where you want it AND to require a photo with a face in it. Being able to enforce a face in the frame of the photo ensures you see a face in your visitor notification and a good image of your visitor on their badge. Read more about this feature here.

New printer options

Finally, we’re keeping up with Brother’s hardware updates and now support the 810W, 820NWB, and 820NW badge printers. There’s a theme here… we listen. We really listen to all of our customer feedback. So thanks to everyone who influenced the design and development of these new features! If you would like to see us work on something new, drop us a line at [email protected].

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