Does Your Office Technology Put People First?

Trends and technologies come and go, but people are a constant in all aspects of your business. Whether those people are customers or employees, if you’re not putting them first, chances are good your efforts will fail. So how do you choose office technology that puts people first? Here are three suggestions for how to make sure people are at the center of your office technology decisions.

Flip your perspective

It’s tempting to focus on technology, especially with new tools coming out on an almost daily basis. But, as digital strategy consultant Gerrie Smits notes, while technological development shows no signs of slowing, human needs and motivations remain relatively stable. To make better choices, Smits suggests flipping your perspective. If you lose touch with your people, there’s no technology (yet) that will save you. Start by understanding people’s needs and motivations, and then choose the technology that helps you meet them.

Focus on your employees

The best technologies don’t replace humans — they empower humans to do better work. “[Managers] need to create a new corporate culture that looks at technology as the way to enable people to constantly adapt and learn, continually innovate new solutions, drive relentless change, and disrupt the status quo,” says Paul Daugherty, Chief Technology Officer at Accenture. Take a look at your current technology. Does it make your employees more efficient? More productive? Happier? Or does it just bog them down in unnecessary and time-consuming processes? If the answer is the latter, it’s time to look for new people-centered technology solutions.

Provide personalized experiences

Think about some of the most popular new technologies of the past few years — like Netflix and Uber. What these companies do right is provide personalized, people-centric experiences. Choose office technology that provides your employees and customers with those same kinds of experiences. For example, The iPad Receptionist lets your employees choose how to interact with their visitors — email, text message, or Slack. However technology may evolve, your people are still your most valuable assets. Rather than burdening them with the technology equivalent of busywork, find the tech that serves them best. The iPad Receptionist helps you put people first from the moment they walk in your door. Start your free trial today.

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