Digital visitor log eliminates safety training headaches for Fairborn Cement Company

Whenever a visitor steps onsite at the 3,500-acre Fairborn Cement Company facility in Fairborn, Ohio, there are many safety precautions in place to ensure each guest’s on-site experience keeps them out of harm’s way.

Every visitor must go through a site-specific safety training and then sign off on a document verifying that they have received the training as required by the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA). Thorough records must be kept for every visitor, since repeat visitors must retake the training every calendar year.

So imagine the headache, frustration, and confusion it caused when the Fairborn Cement Company was without a safety coordinator for six months in late 2017. When Morgan Rogers became the safety coordinator at the facility, the chaos she inherited was overwhelming.

“We had been using paper sign-in sheets, and when I came into this position, I was drowning in paperwork,” Rogers said. “It was difficult tracking whether someone had had safety training in the last calendar year.”

Not only that, but the safety training required as much as 30 minutes of a staff member’s time for every visitor that arrived.

Rogers knew this wasn’t sustainable.

New check-in process streamlines safety training and tracking

So she began to search for a way to improve the company’s outdated and manual visitor check-in process, and that’s when she found The Receptionist for iPad.

After watching a few videos of how the system worked and chatting live on the website with a Receptionist team member, Rogers was convinced. She had found the system she needed to streamline Fairborn’s visitor and safety procedures.

Rogers implemented The Receptionist for iPad by placing two iPad check-in kiosks right at the front door as a complement to the front desk administrative assistant. As the visitor checks in, the system initiates the safety training video for the visitor to watch. Once the video is complete, the visitor electronically signs the site-specific safety form, and the complete record of information is stored in the easily searchable digital visitor log.

‘Life-changing’ automated check-ins lead to stress-free compliance

As Rogers updates the safety video and documentation each year, repeat visitors are prompted to rewatch the video and re-sign the documents, ensuring no one slips through the cracks.

The move to a digital visitor management system has created a streamlined and efficient process for ensuring all visitors are tracked and have received the proper safety information that helps Rogers and Fairborn Cement Company meet compliance standards.

“I’ve had an MSHA inspector go through the process,” Rogers said. “So far, we’ve had no issues.”

“It has been life-changing, and all my coworkers can agree,” Rogers added. “They appreciate not having to stop what they’re doing and conduct a safety training for all contractors or visitors that come on site. It has saved us so much time.”

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