Customs compliance and ease of use highlight digital check-in benefits for logistics company Future Forwarding

Just as Kevin Dalton was starting his new job as the Warehouse General Manager for Future Forwarding, a distribution and warehousing logistics company, in late 2018, the company experienced a shift in its front office operations.

The company’s receptionist had just left, and for a logistics company that must keep strict records of visitor information to meet industry compliance audit standards relating to customs, the gap at the front desk was one Dalton needed to quickly close.

As it were, Dalton had an ace up his sleeve.

At his previous company, Dalton had implemented and used The Receptionist for iPad to digitally track visitor check-ins, comply with customs standards, and print visitor ID badges. With the departure of Future Forwarding’s receptionist, Dalton approached management with a plan to put The Receptionist for iPad to use again.

“I felt it was a great opportunity to bring in to this company a great piece of technology,” Dalton said. “I knew we could put it in the front office and not have to hire for a replacement receptionist. We don’t have a lot of visitors, and so having a system like The Receptionist … was a low-cost investment, and it will be there for us to do exactly what we need, which was an easy way to check in and keep track of our visitors.”

The Receptionist for iPad’s ‘Biggest Fan’

Why was Dalton so quick to recommend The Receptionist for iPad? The self-proclaimed “biggest fan” of The Receptionist, he had seen first hand how the visitor management system had created a smooth and secure visitor check-in process before, and he knew it would be simple to recreate that experience at Future Forwarding.

Dalton also praised The Receptionist’s support experience as one that put the company ahead of any other visitor management system.

“The support was phenomenal. My God, they are great. They are on it, and I appreciate that very much,” Dalton said. “It’s such a great thing to have, especially when you don’t know how to do something. When you pay for The Receptionist, you get a level of support that is remarkable. The people that work support are just amazing.”

Dalton’s quick thinking in a pinch to partner with The Receptionist again helped Future Forwarding pick up the slack left behind from the receptionist’s departure.

“It’s something that I believe in, and I think it works really well,” Dalton said. “We know when visitors arrive, because our phones are texted and we also get an email. It’s customizable. The reliability is excellent. It never fails. It never goes down. And it’s just so user friendly.”

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