Are Your Competitors Using Your Visitor Log to Spy on You?

We all know that a visitor log is crucial for office security. But could a written log threaten the privacy of your customers? The answer is “yes”! Imagine this:

You’ve been developing a breakthrough product in a competitive field. After months of R&D, you’re ready to apply for a patent on a working design. So, you go to your attorney’s office to discuss the arrangements.

At the front desk, the receptionist hands you a clipboard with a piece of paper. You write down your name, your organization, and who you’re there to see. A few minutes later, you’re ushered back to a conference room, and your meeting begins. Pretty standard.

Meanwhile, there have been the usual industry rumors about product development, and your competition is eager to find out more. They’re doing everything they can to discover the whats, whens, and hows of your plan. They want to get every possible hint about when you might be making moves toward bringing your product to market.

What could be easier than scheduling an appointment at your attorney’s firm and scanning the visitor log when they sign in?

Things like this can happen. And they can threaten the security of companies and their visitors. Here are a few concerns we’ve heard from our customers about keeping a paper sign-in sheet at the front desk:

  • Competitors can scan paper logs as a way to gain a competitive advantage.
  • Written logs can compromise client confidentiality because visitors can see who’s in the office.
  • In general, paper logs can endanger office security and customer privacy.

Of course, this particular problem has an easy fix. The Receptionist eliminates paper visitor logs and allows visitor information to be stored securely and accurately. This electronic receptionist also tailors the entire visitor registration process to your distinct needs. Start protecting your company’s data and your customers’ privacy. Sign up today for a free trial of The Receptionist.


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