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Feature Release: Check-Out Reminders!

Now Available: Check-Out Reminders

The Receptionist for iPad is proud to introduce a new feature to help our customers better maintain visit log accuracy and keep track of their visitors in real time: Check-Out Reminders

Ensuring that your office’s checked-in visitors are checked out once their visit is complete can provide crucial information for your workplace, from tracking average visit times to maintaining accurate data for compliance to ensuring you have a 100-percent accurate evacuation list of everyone present in your office in case of an emergency. 

But mistakes can happen: whether your visitor is running to their next appointment or an employee is escorting them out a different exit, they may not always remember to check out when they leave your building. That means the visit log still shows the guest as ‘checked in’ until a nightly refresh—or until you see that their visit is technically still active days later and remember to check them out. 

Those missed check-outs mean inaccurate data can compromise the integrity of your visit log and analytics;  these consequences can be serious for businesses that need to track accurate visitor arrival and departure times to maintain compliance with regulations like ITAR, FSMA, CT-PAT and more.

Check-Out Reminders provide convenient notifications to your employees in case one of their visitors has not checked out of your office after a pre-determined amount of time that you set. If you know that your guest is no longer on-site, you can use a link in the Check-Out Reminder to view the visit, check the guest out manually, and edit the check-out time to reflect if the guest left before the reminder arrived. 

For the full rundown of our newest feature and a walkthrough of implementing and customizing the reminders, visit our support article.

If you have any questions about Check-Out Reminders or just want some advice on whether this feature might be a fit for your workplace’s visitor process, we’re here to help! As always, we’re available via live chat using the orange chat bubble button at the bottom right of our website or your admin portal, or if you prefer, you can email us at [email protected], or give us a ring at 888-315-5230.

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