Brain Injury Services eases clients through check-in with efficiency, privacy

Creating a welcoming and uncomplicated experience from the moment a client walks in the door is paramount for most businesses.

When your clientele is made up of survivors of brain injuries, strokes, and concussions like that of Brain Injury Services in Springfield, Virginia, the charge for ease and simplicity is exponentially greater.

Not to mention a heightened expectation of privacy.

Prior to late 2018, Brain Injury Services used a paper-and-pen visitor check-in process, which, as Office Manager and Outreach Specialist Katy Schnitger explained, was “just clunky and not very efficient.”

“If someone came to sign in, names were visible until someone scratched out the names with a black marker or threw the paper away,” Schnitger said. “We wanted something that was a bit tidier and easier for our clients, and also helped maintain confidentiality.”

Schnitger started looking at different visitor check-in solutions, and after testing a couple, she eventually found The Receptionist for iPad. After starting a 14-day free trial and experiencing all of the ways The Receptionist for iPad can be customized, Schnitger decided to implement the system at the Brain Injury Services front desk.

With the system in place, clients now can easily and privately check in either to see a case manager or join a support group, and Schnitger said the feedback from clients and staff alike has been overwhelmingly positive.

“Everyone, when they walk in, they’re like ‘Oh, that’s fancy!’” Schnitger said. “The Receptionist frees up having to have someone sit at the front desk all the time. We’ve set it up to alert staff members on their phone or by email when they have a visitor. It’s just very streamlined and very efficient.”

Do you want to see how The Receptionist can help your organization? Watch this short demo video, or, start your free 14-day trial today.

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