Bioengineering firm Synlogic reimagines a better way to welcome visitors

At Synlogic, a Cambridge, Mass.-based bioengineering company, scientists work to create what the company calls “living Synthetic Biotic™ medicines.”

In short, the company uses naturally occurring human gut bacteria as the foundation to re-engineer them into rare disease-fighting medicines.

On a less life-changing scale, staff at Synlogic applied the same idea of taking a process that wasn’t working quite right and reimagined it to create a better system when it came to welcoming visitors and guests to their office.

In early 2018, Synlogic installed The Receptionist for iPad in its reception area as a way to better manage the many visitors the company receives on a daily basis. The company had a receptionist sitting at the front desk, but when it installed The Receptionist for iPad visitor management system, they assigned the receptionist role to other jobs and responsibilities and allowed the front desk to “run itself.”

Now, job candidates, delivery workers, vendors, collaborators, and even board members check in for their visit using The Receptionist for iPad, and staff are immediately notified when they have a visitor via email, text message, and Slack.

“The Receptionist for iPad gave us the opportunity to reassign a resource to other activities,” said Head of IT Gene Lichtman. “However, we were concerned that guests might not feel welcomed or would feel stranded in the lobby waiting for their host to greet them. But that’s not what we experienced. It’s nice that The Receptionist is so easy and quick.”

Button-based workflows shine

Thanks to The Receptionist for iPad’s customizable check-in buttons and unique workflow capabilities, there are different check-in options for the types of visitors the company welcomes. For instance, candidates in for an interview check in with the HR personnel they are there to meet with, while delivery workers and service providers use a different button to alert multiple staff members, and then the right person goes to greet their guest.

And for staff like Office Operations Manager Joanne Teo, it’s that level of expediency that has made The Receptionist for iPad such a game-changer at Synlogic.

“The notifications are almost instantaneous. Hosts can be notified via email or text” Teo said. “It’s so quick and convenient for visitors. We also have a record of visits.”

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