Avoid These 3 Privacy-Killing Mistakes in Your Office

Network and data security grab lots of headlines, but it’s important to protect customers’ privacy in your physical office space as well. Guarding your clients’ confidentiality in every way is vital to building trust and loyalty. Here are three things that are so common you probably don’t even notice them in your office. But they can wreak havoc on your company’s and your customers’ privacy.

Visible visitor logs

If your office is like many others, you ask visitors to sign in at the front desk. The logistics of that sign-in process can have big implications for customer privacy. Especially if you have high-profile clients, having your visitor log available for all to see could be putting your clients at risk.

Not enough private areas in your open office

Many companies have open office designs, which they use to promote communication and collaboration. But, this kind of floor plan isn’t particularly conducive to privacy. If your office is open, make sure that you’re also providing areas where employees can have confidential phone calls and meetings. As an added bonus — this practice may also boost productivity.

Unsecure digital copiers

Unless you’re still using that original Xerox machine from 1959, your copier probably has a hard drive that stores data about the documents it processes. If unprotected, that data can be accessed remotely. It can also be extracted manually by simply removing the drive. The FTC offers helpful advice on how to secure digital copiers. Among other things, they suggest using encryption, securely integrating copiers into your network, and periodically overwriting copier hard drives. Don’t let your data, your visitors’ data, or your copier’s data fall into the wrong hands. Your company’s reputation depends on it! New Call-to-action

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