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Feature Release: Less lobby stress with assigned deliveries

With The Receptionist’s newest visitor management feature, your employees can have peace of mind that any important deliveries won’t go missing or be left sitting out at the front desk overnight. Say hello to Assigned Deliveries!

Our Assigned Deliveries feature is a flexible way to stay on top of anything and everything that gets sent to your office: packages, client gifts, lunch deliveries, and more. Keep a record of who picks up what, if a signature was required, and who signed, and track down packages that may go missing in shared workspaces. As more offices move towards hybrid workspaces and employees don’t physically head into a workspace daily, it will also help remote workers stay on top of valuable deliveries and be sure they’re safe until they can head in to pick it up themselves.

If you’ve spent any time exploring the recently released Assigned Visits feature, you’ll already be familiar with doing the same for your front desk deliveries. Just as you notify specific employees when someone checks in to your office using either a Notification or Delivery button, the process for turning on delivery assignments for each button is the same. First, you’ll need to reach out to our team so that we activate the feature on your account. After that’s done, you’ll have the option to turn on the “Assign Deliveries” feature in the Additional Options section when editing any of your Delivery buttons. Select that box so it’s highlighted, and you’re ready! Your delivery notifications will now offer a link for any recipient to “claim” a delivery and associate their name with the event in the visit log. Once someone has claimed that delivery, other team members who received the initial notification know they don’t have to waste time running to the front desk to collect the package. 

Assigned Deliveries will help prevent confusion and solidify your record-keeping no matter how your workplace uses delivery notifications. If you’re using a Delivery button with the contact selection feature turned off — which means that a specified group of employees receives a notification every time someone uses the delivery button, this feature will help streamline the pickup process and prevent unnecessary mixups and trips to the lobby. If that notification indicates a signature or in-person delivery is required, a claimed delivery can indicate that that process has been completed.

If you use contact selection on your Delivery button, drivers can select a specific contact from your employees and individually notify them. However, that employee may not be in the office that day, drivers may be in a rush and unwilling to scroll through your employee list or have no specific name on their delivery. In that case, your backup alert can go out to a group— your admin team if they handle front desk deliveries, or your warehouse team if the driver is at a back entrance—and the original recipient can get in touch with the employee who claimed the delivery to get their package. 

Claiming a delivery from the notification alert (i.e., the email, SMS message, or Slack chat) doesn’t require online user account access, but if a contact has user access, they use the visit log in your online account admin portal to assign themselves a delivery. After a contact has claimed a specific delivery, their name will be listed alongside the delivery event in your visit log so you have a secure record of who has gone to pick up each delivery in case you need to track something down in the future.

Heads up! Once an employee has claimed a delivery from a notification or the visit log, it is theirs for good. You can’t reverse or delete them unless you delete the delivery event. 

Do you have some initial questions about our new feature, or do you want to go ahead and turn on assigned deliveries on your account? Reach out to our team! Chat with us live using the orange button in the bottom-right of our website or your Receptionist admin portal. You can also email us at [email protected] or give us a ring at 888-315-5230.

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