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Alchemy coworking levels up member experience with The Receptionist for iPad

The spring of 2022 represented a significant turning point for Shannon Moenkhaus and Tricia Sanders. After receiving notice that the St. Louis area coworking space that housed their businesses was shutting its doors, it was time to find a new spot. Both women relished the thriving community and support that a coworking space had provided, and they were not looking to send their teams to work from home. But after a lengthy search of options in their area failed to unearth a spot that felt ‘just right,’ Shannon and Tricia decided it was time to build their own. So, together with a third business partner, Leslie, they founded Alchemy coworking space.

As Shannon, Tricia, and Leslie worked to build a diverse and supportive community for entrepreneurial women and their companies, they noticed a reoccurring dilemma. With no full-time person at the front and an array of businesses working in the space, Alchemy’s visitors looked to anyone working nearby as the de-facto receptionist, interrupting their work for direction towards whomever they were there to see. No matter the length of that disruption, it wasn’t ideal for Alchemy’s members, who had their own teams and companies to focus on. This frustration-inducing occurrence is a conundrum so common that we here at The Receptionist have coined a term for it: Person Nearest the Door (PND) Syndrome

Watch our full story with Tricia and Shannon above to hear more about the Alchemy team’s struggles to fix their PND Syndrome problems and how a serendipitous appointment for her children’s school finally introduced Tricia to the answer: The Receptionist for iPad.

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