9 Modern Office Overhauls

The secret of modern office design is keeping it minimal and functional. Lighting, storage, and seating all play a part in encouraging active brain function and creating a positive environment for both employees and clients.

Here are 9 fresh and functional ways to update and stimulate your office space in 2016.


Open Shelving

For a sense of space without compromising on storage, consider an open shelving concept like these from the GutGut studio. Use open shelves against the wall or as walls themselves, to delineate space in a common office while still encouraging collaboration.

Closed Drawers

For items that must be stored away, try these sleek sliding door units from acclaimed furniture designer Finn Juhl. The harmonious colors and smooth movements will invite grace into your workspace and encourage you to store only what’s essential. For an even-more-clutter-free 2016, check out this process for going paperless.



Studies show the average American spends 7.4 hours looking at some kind of screen. Screen time before bed can also affect our alertness levels the following day. The f.lux app adjusts your computer or mobile screen to light levels in the room and darkens as the sun goes down, based on your time zone. It also eliminates that eerie blue glow for a nice update to the office atmosphere.

Sunrise Calendar App

If you’re still using iCal or Google calendars, brace yourself for a serious game-changer. It’s been around for a few years, but the Sunrise calendar keeps finding more apps and devices to sync with, and it couldn’t be simpler or more beautiful to use. Sunrise consolidates multiple Google accounts and calendars, plus a huge array of task management and social apps. Once connected, you can easily select or deselect your visible calendars to only see the appointments you want.


Wi-fi Boosting and Bluetooth Bulbs

Imagine if all your sound, plus boosted wi-fi, came through LED bulbs around your office. Sengled has done just that. Their wi-fi-extending and Bluetooth-enabled bulbs keep any space fully connected and atmosphere-controlled. They even have a security bulb that uses an IP camera to monitor traffic.

Go Natural

A lot of research lauds the benefits of natural light on building occupants, so if at all possible, let in the sunshine. If it’s not an option to knock out space for more windows or skylights, consider shaded or diffused lighting that doesn’t add insult to injury by glaring off of computer screens.


Mobile “Strider” Desks

What if everyone’s desk was more like a bicycle? Extremely mobile and low-profile, this desk seems more like a kid’s strider bike with a built-in spot for your laptop. Beyond a typical standing desk, these traveling workspaces keep you moving throughout your day without leaving crucial tools behind.

Stir Standing Desks

Everyone’s seen those clunky monitor swing-arms that supposedly adjust to various heights and angles, but never really get it quite right. With Stir standing desks your desk surface simply travels with you, clean and intact, at the touch of a button. Double-tap to move smoothly up or down to your specific presets. It even reminds you when you’ve been sitting too long!

Duffy London Swing Table

Set your conference room in motion with a swing table from Duffy London. Meetings might actually be fun again, and movement will keep the collective mind sharp.

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