5 Ways to Improve Your Visitor Experience and Make the Most of Your iPad Receptionist

The experience your visitors have when they arrive in your office can make or break your reputation. Here are five ways to use your iPad Receptionist to improve your visitor experience, delight your guests, and reduce distractions in your office.

1. Put the kiosk front and center

If you have a receptionist, he or she can easily instruct a visitor to use a kiosk in the corner. But if you don’t have a receptionist, you’ll want to put your visitor management kiosk front and center so that guests know it’s there for them to use.

2. Enable two-way conversations

When your visitors check in, your iPad Receptionist will automatically notify the people they are there to see via email or text (depending on their Contact preferences). But how do your visitors know their messages have been received? How long can they expect to wait, and what should they do in the meantime? With two-way communication, your employees can respond directly to their visitors, for example, to tell their guests they will be right out.

3. Give your guests a comfortable place to wait

You may not have a full waiting room, but that doesn’t mean your reception area shouldn’t be inviting. It’s possible that your visitors might need to wait a few minutes, so make that wait pleasant by providing comfortable seating, something to read, and water or coffee. As an added bonus, if your visitors are happy in your reception area, they are less likely to start knocking on doors looking for assistance.

4. Set up message forwarding

There is nothing worse than arriving for an appointment only to find out that the person you are there to see is late or forgot. Message forwarding makes it so that if a visitor’s main contact is unavailable, a secondary contact is notified. This will help your visitors feel like the valued guests they are.

5. Enable the “Use Copy” function for special situations

There may be times when your visitors won’t be there to see a specific person. For example, your office may host panel discussions at lunch or tech talks or after hours. You can use your iPad Receptionist to help people from getting lost and wandering your halls by creating a custom button using the “Use Copy” setting. This allows you to give your visitors instructions about what to do when they arrive at your office (e.g., “Your event is in Room 142 — down the hall, second door on the left.”) ipad visitor managent system software

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