5 Things Your Technology Says About Your Company

We all know the importance of nonverbal communication. In business, the nonverbal signals you send can make or break your brand. Your choice of technology falls into that nonverbal category. It reflects your company’s values and personality, so it’s an area you can’t afford to ignore. ipad visitor managent system software Here are five things your technology says about you:

How old you are

Millennials choosing where to work place a high premium on the right technology. They’ve been raised on it, they adapt to its changes, and by 2030, they’ll comprise 75% of the nation’s workforce. Their priorities are efficiency, connectivity, and flexibility. That means social and mobile applications need a permanent place in your company’s tech structure.

How ambitious you are

Simply using technology at all is fundamental to business success. How you use it communicates how and to what extent you want to succeed. That doesn’t necessarily mean going all-out for the latest gadgets or software plans. It does mean making wise choices about the tech that will ensure your best success in all areas.

How much you value your employees

In an IaaS and BYOD world, it’s difficult to get away from technology. A company’s boundaries say a lot about how much they respect their employees’ time. So make sure you use your technology for good, not just to keep employees tethered to their jobs 24/7. Technology can also be a great tool for measuring and celebrating successes in ways that don’t include the universally dreaded annual performance review. Use it to build a community and to choose the right people for the job. Then your only challenge will be getting them to stop working.

How well you know your business

The software and tools you choose show how well you know your company’s needs. Are you in compliance with industry regulations? How secure is your data? Would your business be better in the cloud? How well you use technology to answer these and other crucial questions reflects your understanding of what your business needs to succeed.

How well you know your customers

Our personal identities have become inextricable from our choice of technology. That means the technology you use for business impacts who you’re able to reach. If your audience owns pets and watches Comedy Central, you might go the Android route. If they prefer reading HuffPo and self-identify as “high maintenance,” maybe Apple products are more appropriate. In all seriousness, though, your customers and prospects want to feel like you understand them, and the technology you use will help show them you do. Learn how The iPad Receptionist can transform your office and elevate your brand. New Call-to-action

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