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5 Common Office Tasks You Can (and Should) Automate

A small investment in automation can save you hundreds of hours in the long run. Automating common tasks reduces mistakes and frees up workers to focus on more important assignments. It also improves your bottom line. Here are some practical strategies to automate your workplace.

Data back-up

Automatically backing up your data ensures that you’ll always have access to complete, up-to-date files, even if something goes wrong on your end. Cloud services like CarboniteIDrive, and Dropbox, offer automated back-up as part of their business packages. Here are some tips on choosing an online backup service.


There are a number of accounting tools available for companies that want to automate everyday financial tasks—things like paying bills, managing invoices, and keeping track of receipts and transactions. With the range of software available, there’s bound to be a product that fits your company’s needs. Business News Daily recently offered this advice.


Businesses large and small can reap the benefits of reception automation. Using a visitor management system can improve efficiency and increase flexibility for front office staff. And you can easily customize the platform to make sure your office visitors are being welcomed exactly as you’d like them to be. From law offices, to software firms, to parking industry leaders, our clients at The iPad Receptionist have great stories us about how reception automation works for their unique needs.

Customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation

Automated CRM and marketing platforms keep your company on track with when and how to reach out to customers. Basically, they manage interactions with current and potential clients and allow for customized communications. Depending on the specific platform, they can send automated messages, streamline workflows, and provide data to help you decide where to allocate your sales and marketing resources. For more information on current trends in marketing automation, check out this article from MarTech Advisor.

Social networking

A social media presence has become essential for most companies. Automating some of your social media posts is a great way to manage tasks that can otherwise eat up a lot of time on a daily basis. Whether you use it to schedule future posts or curate content, social media automation can be an efficient time-saver. Here are some more detailed tips.

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