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360 Group International Implements The Receptionist as Custom Security Solution for Beverly Hills Estate


Mid-2022 presented an unfamiliar challenge for Ryan Lathrop, President of 360 Group International. The private security group was tasked with providing around-the-clock security and surveillance at a multi-acre Beverly Hills estate. The estate was undergoing demolition, construction, and renovation that required managing up to 100 visitors coming onto the property each day, a task never performed by Ryan and his team. Securing a property with such a high volume of guests would require organized, detailed records that could be quickly and easily accessed to ensure traffic in and out was moving swiftly and efficiently. 

Ryan and his team reviewed the unique logistics of the estate, and as they did, they knew they would need a new solution they hadn’t used before. Primarily, this new addition to their security protocol needed to be reliable and secure enough for the 360 Group International team to “set it and forget it” when it came to monitoring who was on the property and why. That way, they could focus their efforts on maintaining physical security throughout the remainder of the property. 

Watch our full story with Ryan to hear more about how the 360 Group International was able to create a customized solution that allowed them to provide the best service and security to their client with The Receptionist for iPad. Interested in seeing how The Receptionist for iPad can help provide the perfect solution to your unique needs? Start a 14-day free trial here and experience just how easy it is to get the peace of mind you need to focus your full attention on providing the best service for your clients. If it can work for 360 Group International, it can certainly work for you.

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