21 Coworking Blogs You Should Read

At the dawn of 2016, coworking communities personify the flexibility and creativity necessary to succeed in today’s professional climate. Staying connected in a distributed workforce also requires a lot of listening. We know you’re busy, so we’ve taken the liberty of sorting through the noise. Here are 21 coworking blogs, along with a couple of our favorite posts from each, to put in your Pocket.

Coworking space blogs

A lot of great content comes from the folks who run coworking spaces. They specialize in running events, showcasing their members, managing visitors, and telling behind-the-scenes stories. If you run or want to start a coworking space, these blogs have the skinny.


With several locations in the Boston area, Workbar combines “the professionalism of a corporate office, the flexibility of a gym, and the comfort of a cafe.”

Creative Density

Founded by Craig Baute in Denver, Creative Density offers remote workers the opportunity to work how and when they want to. They also offer kickass content.

Creator Magazine

Under the headings “Work,” “Think,” “Feel,” and “Create,” We Work’s blog offers killer content to boost you professionally, psychologically, culturally, and creatively.

Tog Blog

The Office Group (TOG) in London hosts 27 spaces around the city and offers virtual locations, coworking (including a pop-up coworking spot), office spaces, and meeting rooms with a community-focused, sustainability-conscious ethos. Their blog has value for locals and travelers alike who are looking to connect professionally and socially. It’s also got a finger on the pulse of entrepreneurial developments around the world.

  • Why Must We Support Startups and How Should We Do It?
  • The Best Things To Do In The West End

Coworking service blogs

Plenty of sites offer research and inspiration for coworking without being connected to a physical space. That means their content caters to remote workers and coworking professionals alike.


Workfrom is committed to helping digital nomads find places to work wherever they are. They’ve got their finger on the pulse of productivity as well as all the places your coworking peeps are likely to be at any given time.


The Global Coworking Blog might be the most single-mindedly coworking-focused blog out there. It’s a collective that’s been around since 2005, and they’re all coworking, all the time.


For wide-ranging, cross-professional, and well-researched content, look no further than deskmag. Their Major Coworking Events 2016 post is enough to start us salivating. Also try:

Signal vs. Noise

Signal vs. Noise is the signature blog of Basecamp (formerly 37signals) They wrote the book on remote work, and their blog is full of hard-hitting thoughts on design, business, and tech.

Blogs for coworking and remote professionals

Remote work and coworking are both heavily invested in the principles of self-care and work-life balance. The 21st-century professional is often responsible for building (and sticking to) her own routines and productivity practices, and–let’s face it– that can be a struggle. These blogs offer resources for coworking spaces to pass along to their members and to remember themselves.


LifeHacker is constantly churning out ideas for everything from packing great lunches to finding the best, newest tech tools. They’re also wizards of social psychology and business news. Basically, they’re a one-stop content source.

Time Management Ninja

Craig Jarrow authors Time Management Ninja, “helping you win the battle against wasted time, disorganization, and all other things evil.” Stealthy and striking, his voice is insightful and provocative in just the right measures.

Zen Habits

The Zen Habits blog is simple and clean, a small slice of the Internet that invites you to breathe, de-stress, and de-clutter your life. Try visiting just a few moments a day.

The Positivity Blog

The Positivity Blog specializes in productivity, self-esteem, social skills, optimism, and simplicity. Go here when you need to be reminded of how awesome you are–or when you need to remind someone else.

Industry-specific blogs

Coworking is developing its own niches, and certain spaces skew toward specific professions with particular needs. Here are a few blogs dedicated to work that draws on large remote and coworking populations.

Scott Hanselman

Many remote workers are web developers, and Scott Hanselman provides an online resource, along with podcasts, books, and live presentations, which means he might come speak at your coworking space.


Treehouse is a learning site that offers courses on web design, coding, business, and more. They also generate regular content for all of these industry professionals.

Help Scout

Help Scout is help desk software that’s committed to an excellent customer experience. That includes offering content that’s useful for all types of professionals, many of whom live in the coworking world.

International coworking blogs

Coworking is everywhere, and that’s one reason it works. For many coworking professionals, travel is essential to their jobs. Plus, it’s just great that we can share and collaborate on coworking ideas from around the world.

DropDesk (U.S., Canada, Australia)

DropDesk helps companies and remote workers find affordable coworking spaces in the cities they love.

Coworking Europe

Coworking Europe is a new annual conference sponsored by Global Enterprise, Proteina, and the Comune di Milano to further the thoughts and best practices of “coworking space operators, facility managers, real estate pundits as well as city councils representatives, public development agencies, universities or startup incubator managers.” They also offer great content to read between conferences.

The Cube (London)

The Cube is a coworking space in London which, in addition to hosting cool events, provides Inspiration for [Upcoming] Talk posts to supplement information from their visiting speakers! That’s just one of the content streams in their blogroll. Check out these others:

  • How Technology Is Disrupting Real Estate
  • Complexity: The Application of Self-Organisation

The Fetch (Australia, U.S.)

The Fetch has coworking campuses in Australia, New Zealand, London, and the San Francisco Bay Area. Their blog features talks and interviews, plus “happiness hacks” and in-depth job postings with a truly global perspective.

betahaus (Berlin)

betahaus’s blog is a daily diary of a German coworking space. If you wonder what’s up with the makers, freelancers, and startups getting going over there while you’re getting going over here, check them out.

Back-pocket bonus blog

Just because we wanted to use that Pocket reference one more time. Put this one in your reading queue, too.


WebFüz is a web development firm, and their blog is hard to find. Once you’ve located one post, though, the categories on the right will lead you to more on Branding, Lifestyle, Productivity, and more. Here are some other posts to check out.

  • The Benefits of a Visual Composer
  • Effective Listening and Your Business

Are you psyched? Your reading list is set! Now get out there and show coworking who’s boss! If you want to free up more time to focus on growing your coworking space and keeping your current members happy, implement a visitor management system like The Receptionist. It can take on the task of checking in any visitors, letting them know where to go, and notifying hosts that their guests have arrived so that you can stay focused on your coworking space’s success. 

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