17 Office Design Blogs You Should Read and Follow

It’s no secret that office design can either enhance or dampen your company culture. Ultimately, the best design for your office is the one that reflects your values and meets your company’s and your employees’ needs. To help you figure out what’s right for you, we’ve tracked down 17 blog and magazine feeds that offer inspiration, insight, and advice for building your company’s culture by design. Have fun exploring these resources. We hope they offer inspiration for your own office design overhauls!

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Office Snapshots

Office Snapshots is a highly visual blog space accompanied by short but detailed case studies. Designers and firms share stories of how office elements reflect and impact a corporate mission. Follow @officesnapshots on Twitter

Office Designs

This well-rounded blog is dedicated to helping small and medium-sized businesses and their employees embrace modern work-life flexibility. Topics include industry trends, design how-tos, space planning, and health and well-being. Follow @OfficeDesigns on Twitter

WorkDesign Magazine

Work Design offers projects, products, expert insights, and case studies. Their outside-the-box approach takes design inspiration from across industries to address current workplace needs and trends. Follow @workdesignmag on Twitter

Retail Design

The Retail Design Blog is crowdsourced by architects, designers, and other visual branding and merchandising professionals. Check out the categories “office & healthcare,” “furniture,” “lighting,” and “materials.” Follow @RetailDesignBG on Twitter

K2 Space

K2 Space is a UK-based consulting firm that delivers “inspirational work environments” as well as a wealth of inspirational content on their company blog. Visit their blog for smart analysis, design tips, and product reviews. Follow @K2SpaceUK on Twitter


Canadian commercial interior designer Sensyst focuses on “intelligent planning, creative design, principled construction standards, and value-based furnishing.” Their blog analyzes design trends and products for a range of industries. Follow @Sensyst2 on Twitter

Office Principles

Office Principles is a UK firm on the cutting edge of workplace culture and productivity. They design intelligent, agile office spaces. Their blog often explores principles of workplace culture that design choices cultivate and reinforce. Follow @officeprinciple on Twitter

Strategy Hat

Strategy Hat, yet another UK firm, consults on office relocation and refurbishment. Their blog is packed with posts on everything from breakout furniture to personal space allotments to which kinds of tech will best serve your purposes. Follow @StrategyHat on Twitter


Hatch Interior Design focuses on employee productivity and industrial nuances in its commercial projects and renderings. Their blog links important considerations like environment and brand diversity to the latest workplace design trends. Follow @HatchInteriors on Twitter

DesignMilk’s “Where I Work” column

This workplace-focused column from the long-running blog DesignMilk offers profiles and insight from individuals and companies on the elements that make their spaces work. The column’s focus on fostering creativity can inspire designs that spur innovation. Follow @DesignMilk on Twitter

Dezeen Magazine

Dezeen Magazine is a staple of design inspiration. It offers wide-ranging inspiration and keyword searchability on a highly readable and navigable blog. Type “office” into the search bar to narrow your focus, or get inspired by the range of content available. Follow @dezeen on Twitter

Enviable Workplace

We all know great office design both springs from and shapes a company’s culture. Enviable Workplace pushes past physical walls to examine how companies can design better culture — both visibly and invisibly. Follow @EnviableWorkplc on Twitter


This blog, run by the corporate culture software company RoundPegg, recognizes that your workspace design is just as much about the people sitting around the conference table as it is about the ergonomic chairs. Follow @roundpegg on Twitter

Space, Inc.

Space, Inc. is a workplace design consultancy dedicated to creating beautiful and productive workspaces. Their blog is a mix of project profiles, trend tracking, and culture tips for global and location-flexible companies. Follow @SPACEINCMI on Twitter


15Five is employee-management software. Their primary focus is on invisible design elements of leadership, culture, and team productivity. The resources on their blog offer a nice complement to and rationale for cutting-edge physical office designs. Follow @15Five on Twitter

Entrepreneur’s office space topic thread

Entrepreneur magazine’s office space thread offers a consistent stream of culture and design tips for startups and established companies alike. Each entry is helpfully cross-referenced to other relevant design-focused articles. Follow @Entrepreneur on Twitter

FastCo Design

Fast Company’s design site runs the gamut from office architecture to user interfaces, exploring all aspects of design, from the perspectives of both the consumers and the purveyors of workplace culture and experience. Follow @FastCoDesign on Twitter Your space is important, for your customers, your employees, and your company’s bottom line. Learn how to get the most benefit from it in our blog 10 Secrets of Great Workspace Design.

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