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12 Creative Ways to Use Your Visitor Management System

If you’re new to the concept of digital visitor management, you may be thinking, “Is a visitor management system just a glorified sign-in sheet?”

Actually, a visitor management system like The Receptionist for iPad allows you to exercise ultimate control over your visitor’s experience with your business. If you’re unaware of all of the benefits that this type of system can provide, this guide is for you.

Below, we’ll highlight what you can do with your visitor management system to take your business to the next level.

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What is a Visitor Management System?

A visitor management system is a digital system that allows you to keep track of everyone who visits your building. Out of the different types of visitor management systems, the kiosk model is the most popular. As its name suggests, The Receptionist for iPad is an iPad-based system that can be housed in a kiosk. This type of system is easy to set up and intuitive to use for visitors.

Speaking of visitors, there are many types of visitors you may wish to track, such as clients, customers, patients, prospective employees, and delivery people. You may even use your visitor management system to keep track of your employee activities.

However, a visitor management system isn’t just limited to a passive system that takes records of who enters and exits your building. Your visitor management system can also be used to make a great first impression.

In organizations without visitor management systems, a visitor is often left to wait in a queue for the attention of a receptionist, or else wander around the lobby in an attempt to find their destination. However, by installing a visitor management system, you can greet visitors immediately at the entrance with an interactive device that provides instructions to the visitor on what they should do next.

A visitor management system shows visitors that you care about their experience. It also positions your business as modern and visitor-focused.

A visitor management system shows visitors that you care about their experience. It also positions your business as modern and visitor-focused. Click To Tweet

So now that we’ve established some of the major benefits you’ll earn with a visitor management system, let’s look at the creative ways you can use your system to improve your visitor flow and experience.

1. Extend Security

One of the best ways to use your visitor management system is as a security checkpoint. In addition to acting as a receptionist, your system can also act as an extension of your security desk. You can use your system to visually identify everyone who enters your office. Your system can create a photo record for all visitors, which can be useful if you ever encounter a security breach in the future.

2. VIP Alert System

As soon as a VIP guest checks in to your system, the appropriate staff will be notified via a text, email, or Slack message. This immediate notification ensures that your VIP guest doesn’t wait any longer than necessary, which improves their impression of your organization. You can also create a redundancy system so that multiple staff members are notified.

3. Two Way Messenger

Speaking of messaging, your visitor management system isn’t just a staff notification device. Staff can communicate with the visitor in real-time directly from the system. If an employee is running late for a meeting, they can send an update to the visitor at the time of their check-in. They can also chat back and forth through the iPad kiosk. Additionally, a staff member can leave a pre-programmed message for a visitor to receive once they check-in.

4, Survey While They Wait

visitor management system

Use your visitor management system to learn more about your visitors. You can prompt the visitor to answer a series of questions about themselves or the purpose of their visit during the check-in process. This allows your staff to pre-screen visitors so that they can be better prepared during their meetings.

5. Print Visitor Badges

To increase your on-site security, you can implement a badge requirement for all visitors. You can issue these badges from an automated printer located next to your visitor management system. In fact, you can create your own customized badges through The Receptionist for iPad. And you can choose the style and colors that match your exact brand. Setting up unique badges is easy through our drag and drop system.

6. Data Analysis

You can use your visitor management system to deep dive into your company’s data. Your visitor management system provides you with searchable reports on a scheduled or on-demand basis. What can you learn from these reports? For example, you can learn who receives the most appointments, how long your average appointment lasts, and how often you receive deliveries. Getting this type of bird’s eye view of your business enables you to make smart decisions for the future. You can use this information to streamline your processes.

7. Pre-Registration

Did you know that new and returning visitors can pre-register for their upcoming meeting? This time-saving move allows your visitors to speed through the check-in process. You can enable this option through your visitor management system. Your system can email visitors ahead of their visit to ask for all of the information that you require. Then, when it’s time to check in on the day of, the only thing that the visitor needs to do is enter their email address and confirm their information.

You can also fast track your repeat visitors through The Receptionist for iPad visitor management system. This way, visitors who come to your office frequently won’t need to enter the same information over and over again.

8. Evacuation Roll Call

If you ever need to evacuate your building, your visitor management system is an invaluable tool. Because it keeps an accurate record of all of the visitors in your building, you can use this tool to conduct a roll call with reliable, real-time accuracy.

9. Remote Check-In

visitor management system

In the aftermath of the pandemic, many people are cautious about touching public surfaces. With your visitor management system, you can check in your visitors without forcing them to touch public surfaces. With The Receptionist for iPad, visitors can check in remotely using their smartphones. The contactless system is quick and easy. The visitor screen shows a QR code along with simple directions on how a visitor can check in with their smartphone. The visitor is then taken to a webpage on their smartphone where they can complete the check-in process.

10. Agreement Signer

Visitors can sign important documents directly from your visitor management system. These documents include nondisclosure agreements (NDA), liability waivers, and other contracts. By giving your visitors the ability to sign the necessary document(s) ahead of a meeting, you’ll save time and peace of mind. Plus, the record is kept in the cloud, which prevents it from getting lost, like a paper record is subject to.

11. Delivery Management

Your delivery personnel can check-in through your visitor management system, too. This allows you to keep a record of which deliveries you may have received. If you’re on the lookout for a specific package, your visitor management system can notify you immediately when the package is delivered.

12. Desk Reservations

Do you have a shared co-working or hot-desking space? It’s crucial to control who’s in your office and at what time. With a visitor management system, you can do just that. Staff can pre-register for times when they want to work in the office. This allows you to know who’s in your office at all times.

Final Thoughts

There are so many great benefits to using a visitor management system. This list only scratches the surface. To find out what a visitor management system can do for your organization, attend a free product tour of our cloud-based iPad system here.

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