Andy Alsop & Andrew Bartlow Discuss Differing Takes on Leading Employees Through Company Growth

Two Takes on Leading Employees through Company Growth

Michael Ashford

We welcome Andrew Bartlow back to the show for an in-depth and nuanced conversation with our President and CEO, Andy Alsop, about navigating culture and employees through company growth.

Overcoming self-doubt and exceeding expectations

Michael Ashford

This episode features a conversation with Patrick Casale, the founder and creator of All Things Private Practice, a coaching and consulting business he grew out of his own private therapy practice to help other practitioners start their own businesses.

Revisiting EOS

Michael Ashford

Andy Alsop, our CEO and President, and Tom Foster, our Director of Sales, join the show to discuss their recent trip to the Entrepreneurial Operating System / Traction conference in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Receptionist is company that follows the EOS model, and it was an interesting experience for Tom and Andy to go to the EOS conference for the first time to bring back ideas of not only what we can further implement but also areas we've fallen short as a self-implemented company. We talk about what all that means for the company, as well as what the future might look like.
clinical supervisor

A Beginner’s Guide To Becoming A Clinical Supervisor

Mental health professionals are naturally drawn to the service and betterment of others. So, it’s no surprise when a therapist begins considering a role as a clinical supervisor.  In addition to helping peers new to the profession and aiding in…

How Unspoken Expectations Undermine Quality of Work

Michael Ashford

Aaron Ferguson is a former product manager who became a leadership coach after years of watching how the things leaders don’t say affect employees’ sense of worth, value, and ability.
mental health awareness month

Making An Impact During Mental Health Awareness Month

We want to be clear; mental health awareness is important year-round. But as we enter Mental Health Awareness Month, there is even more opportunity to make an impact.  By joining in on the conversations this May about mental health and…

Give Your Salon A Makeover With Client Check-In Software

A bustling salon is every owner’s dream, right? But it might not feel that way when your cut and color client is running long and your blowout appointment just walked in. Your new clients probably find you on the internet,…

How to be Authentically Imperfect

Michael Ashford

This episode features a compelling conversation about what it means to be authentically yourself and how to look for and hire for authenticity.

How Employee Supremacy Humanizes the Customer Experience

Michael Ashford

Rain Hyneman from our Customer Experience team joins Michael in the studio to discuss what Employee Supremacy means to front-line staff working in an organization — customer support — that can sometimes get caught up in Shareholder Supremacy metrics and tactics.

How to thrive as an executive assistant

Michael Ashford

This episode features a conversation with Brooke Bastain, an executive assistant who, as she puts it, sort of "fell into the role" at one of her early employers. But she has since thrived as an executive assistant and is now more than 4 years into her EA position at a Denver-based software company called Conga.
Challenging the 40-hour work week

Challenging the 40-hour work week

Michael Ashford

Joe Sanok is the author of the book "Thursday is the New Friday," where he advocates for more of us to find ways to get out of the construct of the typical 9-to-5, 40-hour work week, to create space to be more creative, to launch side hustles, to rejuvenate our minds and bodies, and in the end, actually accomplish more while enjoying our lives.

5 Myths About Visitor Management Systems

Look, we get it. We understand that you might be skeptical of putting a visitor management system at the front desk of your office or business. What message will it send to your guests and customers? Will it confuse people?…