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Dig deeper: We spoke with Kelly Ulmer about the impact of The Receptionist for iPad on her private practice.

Put patients at ease with intuitive visitor management for your behavioral health practice

A behavioral health clinic can be a stressful place.

Can an arriving patient be sure that their provider knows that they're there — or that they are even in the correct office? Conversely, is there a way that their therapist or practitioner can be sure a client has arrived without checking the lobby? 

That anxiety can be even more amplified at behavioral or mental health practices. Clients may already be stressed walking through your door - especially if it's their first appointment. Adding uncertainty about where to go, what to sign, and if anyone knows that they're there is the last thing your practice wants. 

Behavioral health offices should take the extra step to build a check-in process that relieves patient and practitioner anxiety, allows for patient privacy, and paves the way for a successful appointment.

The Complete Guide to Visitor Management for Behavioral Healthcare Clinics
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These behavioral health practices trust our visitor management system to reduce front desk anxiety

  • Bloom Counseling & Nutrition“Thriveworks”“EllieLivewell Behavioral Health

  • “Holistic“Wellness“DV“Friends


The Receptionist for iPad Features

Move on from paper logbooks, antiquated lighted status systems, or plain old guesswork with a visitor management system like the Receptionist for iPad.

The top-rated digital front-desk solution for behavioral health professionals, our iPad-based application can quickly check-in visitors, notify their specific practitioner that they have arrived, and facilitate a two-way chat between patient and therapist before the appointment has even started. More benefits include:


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Spotlight on Sarah Suzuki from Chicago Compass Counseling

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Counseling office personalizes check-in for clients and upgrades their lobby

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The Receptionist at Your Practice

Watch sample check-in videos with some of our current behavioral healthcare clients, and hear more about why they love using The Receptionist in their own practices.


Kelly Ulmer demonstrates The Receptionist in use at Bloom Counseling and Nutrition in Fort Collins, Colorado, and explains why clients love it


Watch as Mark Strubler walks through what a typical check-in looks like at the Therapy Space Location in Troy, Michigan


Secure, Private and Easy-to-Use Check-In For Your Practice

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