Easy, Powerful Visitor Check In
for Behavioral Healthcare

You're in the middle of a session with a patient and you hear the door in your lobby open and close.

You check the clock: 5 minutes until your current session is over.

Is your next appointment wandering around trying to figure out what they're supposed to do? Or perhaps a package is being delivered? Or maybe it's a potential new patient?

Without a visitor management system like The Receptionist for iPad, how can you be sure?

Thousands of behavioral health offices have taken the extra step to build a check-in process that relieves patient and practitioner anxiety, allows for patient privacy, and paves the way for a successful appointment by using The Receptionist for iPad.

You get the peace of mind of knowing who just walked in and your visitor experience is a seamless one that assures them someone knows they've arrived.

The Complete Guide to Visitor Management for Behavioral Healthcare Clinics
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The Receptionist for iPad Features

Move on from paper logbooks, antiquated lighted status systems, or plain old guesswork with a visitor management system like the Receptionist for iPad.

The top-rated digital front-desk solution for behavioral health professionals, our iPad-based application can quickly check-in visitors, notify their specific practitioner that they have arrived, and facilitate a two-way chat between patient and therapist before the appointment has even started. More benefits include:


These behavioral health practices trust our visitor management system to reduce front desk anxiety

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  • “Holistic“Wellness“DV

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Interruptions vanish for wellness practice thanks to visitor management system

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The Receptionist at Your Practice

Watch sample check-in videos with some of our current behavioral healthcare clients, and hear more about why they love using The Receptionist in their own practices.


Sarah Suzuki gives a virtual tour of her iPad Receptionist and the instant notification system at Chicago Compass Counseling


Watch as Mark Strubler walks through what a typical check-in looks like at the Therapy Space Location in Troy, Michigan.

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