The Receptionist for iPad
Behavioral Health Product Tour

Watch a guided tour of our visitor management software tailored to your field's unique requirements for patients and practitioners.

What You'll See

During this 6-minute interactive tour, you'll see how The Receptionist's visitor management can help your behavioral health practice:
  • Reduce front desk stress by providing an intuitive, easy way for your patients to check-in
  • Protect patient privacy by only collecting necessary data
  • Alert providers of a visitor's arrival — no more running to the lobby!
  • Keep a secure digital record of patient visits for compliance and insurance purposes

Ask any questions you have during the tour using the live chat feature. Our team is on hand to help!

These behavioral health practices trust our visitor management system to reduce front desk anxiety

  • Bloom Counseling & Nutrition“Thriveworks”“EllieLivewell Behavioral Health

  • “Holistic“Wellness“DV“Friends

Stand Out With Visitor Management at Your Behavioral Health Practice

Learn more about The Receptionist for iPad's dynamic visitor management features and how they can help your practice build a check-in process that helps both patients and providers below.
The Receptionist for Behavioral Health

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